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Review for Raspberry Leaf

I have used this along with your hormoneze herbal blend for my mares with great results. The quality is great, smells really fresh and the horses love it in their feed so no difficulties giving it to them.

Review for Herbal Equine Hormoneze Support

I have been using the dried blend for may mare who was a real “moody mare” and she is so much better. Wish I had tried this years ago, as she seems so much happier in herself and is not as stroppy with other horses when out riding which is great.

Review for Naturopathic Consultation for Animals

Its been 4 weeks since you prescribed a few things for Polly, since then she has been getting more perky every day! Her coat is shinier and her bowels are moving much easier. She is also more inclined to spend her days out in the yard, which is something she was never keen on before. She is much more cuddly & purrs more. She has never been that affectionate, so this is real big news for us. Your advice has made a marked change for the better. I can’t find the words to express our gratitude Julie, all I can think of is ‘Thank you’! I’m sure you have added a few more years to her life and a lot of enjoyment as well. She looks and acts so much happier now. No more pained looks & she is moving freely & runs up and down the steps.

Thank you again

So impressed!
Review for Herbal Equine Free Mover Support

I put our 27 going on 28 year old on this and all I can say is he could run in the next Melb cup. He is also back in work because he just feels so good, he had been retired due to arthritis symptoms. The change in him has also been very obvious. He would never want to get down for a roll or to lie as it was difficult to get up. Now he doesn’t mind and gets up and down like a 2 year old.

Review for Technyflex Canine

My 6 year old rough collie had been constantly licking her knee joints in her front legs. These joints were always hot and I noticed she limped quite badly after exercise in the park. My vet diagnosed arthritis in her front legs. I did not want to use conventional drugs and searched for natural remedies online. I found Greenpet and received a quick reply then ordered Technyflex and Essentials powder. Since using these there is a noticeable improvement in her legs. The joints are not hot anymore, nor does she devote her spare time to licking them. Thanks!