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Calm Healthy Horses Alleviate is amazing. Worked in days with my new sensitive pony. Love this product. I also use the Supreme Vitamin & Mineral supplement. Great service. Thank-you.

Bev P

I am very happy with the Homeopathic FL Relief and have been using it for a few years now. No fleas anymore!


Simply Seaweed is great for my chihuahua’s teeth along with regular brushing and Vetzlife dental gel from Greenpet. The vet can’t believe how clean their teeth are for little dogs.


Love this product. Charlie is going to the toilet a lot easier since using the PetArk Petbiotics, Probiotic.


Bentley seems much calmer and really enjoys his daily Complete Calm Dog Chew.


The Herbal TK Solution has saved my dogs from being subjected to chemical tick preventatives and it is so easy to apply to their collars weekly.


My little goat has a bilateral heart murmur and was given a week to live five months ago. Since I started with your products I can’t remember what a bad day looks like, his quality of life is so much better, he’s a happy normal little buck living his best goat life. We can’t thank you enough for the extra time with him it’s all we wanted for him!

Rebecca B
Have been buying Greenpet Cranberry Powder for many years now. Great product and love that it is human grade quality. Company is so easy to deal with.