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We contacted you after reading your article on ‘Flower remedies’ in an issue of ‘Living Now’. You made a Flower remedy up for our totally STRESSED OUT 4 year old Blue Heeler Chloe. We are now writing to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a difference it has made. Chloe can now do things that she has never been able to do and she is so much happier- needless to say and so are we. Once again we are delighted to express our gratitude, thank you!!

A.B, Moss Vale NSW

Using Meadowsweet for equine gut ulcers with several other herbs. Within first week his scours stopped and generally so much happier. Great quality product with great service. Am already a returning customer and plan to continue. Thank you Greenpet for your awesome products!!

Lisa M.

I love the Greenpet Vitagest Supplement. I’ve used it for years for my dogs. I’ve even taken it myself. Recently my boy has been having some tummy issues and I had run out of this product. I ordered on Monday and received it in Perth on the Wednesday which is fantastic. This is so soothing for dogs with IBS, pancreatitis or any stomach issues. I mix it with warm water and let it sit for a bit so it becomes thick then add it to his wet food. Love Greenpet ❤️

Karen D

Floyd has always suffered rashes, itchy skin & yeast infections his whole life. After eliminating the recommended triggers he has been excellent. So far he hasn’t needed his monthly cyopoint injection & no signs of any rashes. After trying so many other things, the Biocompatibility Hair Test has been fantastic. Wish I had done this ages ago. Totally recommend.


The Greenpet Hemp Nectar really helped with my dog’s skin condition due to his allergies. It calmed his skin and helped reduce the redness. Made him more comfortable while detoxing. Highly recommend this product.


Nelson has been looking so much better yesterday and mostly back to his calm self.

He seems to have settled well on the diet of wheaten chaff, speedi beet, supreme, ship shape, cen oil, salt and graze ezy. The occasional calming herb tonic from you guys gets thrown in too.

Thanks so much for all your advice! Hoping to start riding soon as his issues are looking nearly completely gone