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  • fennel

    Fennel Seeds


    100% Human-grade Fennel seeds

    Fennel is often used as an appetite balancer, may help reduce flatulance, for gut ulceration, all gastro-intestinal tract disturbances and in for gas colic.

    Please contact the clinic to order this on request.

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    Herbal Equine ULCR Support


    Herbal Equine ULCR Support may be added to your horses feed. A unique blend of herbs formulated by qualified animal naturopath.

    Available in 1kg dried blend or liquid extract.


    • Slippery elm bark
    • Chamomile
    • Marshmallow
    • Meadowsweet
    • + Other natural herbs

    Liquid extract also includes Bach flower essences

    Herbal Equine ULCR Support Dosage:

    For 500-600kg horse

    Dried blend – add 30g to feed twice daily

    Liquid extract – 6ml twice daily in feed

    We suggest starting with the herbal liquid extract for acute symptoms initially, then using the dried blend as maintenance until fully recovered.

    For more details about our unique herbal formulas, please contact the clinic


  • Qld Herbal Blend (Switch) 1Kg

    Qld Herbal Blend (Switch) 1Kg


    Qld Herbal Blend (Switch) is a dried herb blend containing Chamomile, burdock, rosehips, clivers & nettle 1kg. Simply mix into feed daily.

  • Greenpet Herbal Equine Dried Blends

    Greenpet Herbal Equine Dried Blends


    Greenpet herbal equine dried blends are made especially for horses and ponies. Each blend is made using the highest quality human-grade herbs and is specially formulated by our qualified animal naturopath.

    Greenpet Herbal Equine Dried Blends are aimed at supporting optimum health for horses.

    Simply add 30g of the dried tea to a damp feed daily for a 500kg horse.

    Please select the name of the blend you wish to order. If you are unsure of the blend required, please contact our friendly staff – 07 5449 1453

    Blends available –

    DIGEST (AntiSpasmodic herbs)

    CUSH (Cushings)

    CLEANSE (Liver tonic)

    FOUNDA-M (chronic laminitis)

    FREE FLOW (Kidney tonic)

    FREE MOVER (Arthritis and joints)

    IMMUNO (Immune support)

    HORMONEZE (Moody mares)

    RELAXA (Calming)

    SARC (Sarcoids)

    SENIOR MIX (Older horse tonic)

    SHINE (Healthy skin blend)

    SWITCH (Sweet itch/ Qld itch)

  • Greenpet Herbal Equine Tonics

    Greenpet Herbal Equine Tonics


    Our unique range of Greenpet herbal equine tonics includes prescription herbal formulas which are made using high grade human-grade herbal extracts combined with apple cider vinegar and a touch of organic blackstrap molasses. Dose may be given orally or mixed into horses feed as required.

    500ml bottle is approx 2 weeks supply for 500kg horse or 1 months supply for a pony

    1 litre bottle is a months supply for 500-600kg horse

    Please enter the remedy name or contact the clinic if you are unsure which remedy you require

    Phone: 07 5449 1453 or email us.

    Blends available –

    HORMONEZE (Hormonal Mare) tonic

    IMMUNO (Immune) tonic

    MELANOMA tonic

    RING-B (Ringbone) tonic

    PANEZE (Pain) tonic

    RESPIRO (Respiratory conditions) tonic


  • Barberry Root

    Barberry Root


    Human-grade herbal tea. Dosage instructions included. 1kg bag

    Suitable for horses

  • Burdock Root

    Burdock Root


    Human-grade herbal tea. Dosage instructions included. 1kg

    Suitable for horses

  • Calendula



    A human-grade herb tea. Pure calendula flowers. Ideal for horses both internally and externally.

  • Celery Seeds

    Celery Seeds


    Pure human-grade celery seeds. Suitable for horses.

  • Chamomile



    Human grade Chamomile flowers. Suitable for horses and other animals. Due to sourcing difficulties recently we are unable to supply organic chamomile.

  • Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex Agnus Castus)

    Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex Agnus Castus)


    Chaste Tree Berry pure human-grade dried tea. Dosage instructions included. Ideal for horses and other animals, especially mares. 1kg bag

  • chiacatalog

    Chia Seeds


    Black Chia seeds originate from South America and these nutrient dense seeds contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other fatty acids. Chia seeds are naturally high in antioxidants and provide a myriad of health benefits to animals. Great supplement for dogs, cats and horses. Simply mix into moist food. Human-grade supplement. Animal dosage supplied with product.