Animal Communication With Amanda De Warren

Amanda can connect you with your loved ones who have passed over and also has the special gift of being able to communicate with animals – alive, passed over or missing.

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Amanda De Warren has always had a connection to animals since she was a very young girl. Even from a young age Amanda seemed to understand the language of the animal world. At 6yrs old Amanda told her mother that her horse Bella was sick and described in detail the problems Bella was having. Jackie called the vet and indeed Bella was suffering from the exact illness Amanda had described. Amanda De Warren is a professional Medium and animal communicator. She has appeared on various TV shows throughout Australia and has a weekly column in Take 5 magazine. These connections are conducted over the phone in half hour sessions per pet. Connections are a direct link to your pet and through Amanda they reveal all they want us to know. These connections also help our pets to communicate with us making their life happier too.The animal communications cover a wide variety of topics.

PLEASE NOTE: ** If your pet is seriously ill please complete a Sick pet session as these take priority. – Pets which you are wanting to know about their past history.- Choosing a pet including puppies and horses (Amanda can connect to these particular pets to give you an idea of their personality; this is particularly popular with horses owners.)- Pets passed over- Behaviour problems From aggression in dogs and horses to cats peeing in the house.- Pet foods Their likes and dislikes especially fussy eaters.- Identifying illnesses including the causes which cannot be found by conventional medicine.- Changing bad behaviour Generally anything you want to know or understanding what they are trying to tell us. This booking is for a half hour session with Amanda.

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  1. Lyndal

    Amanda was able to contact my Lola after she passed away. Amanda could name my past animals that Lola was with.”She is with Nikki” who was my first dog as a child. Amanda described my loved animals characters exactly. If you are grieving a lost pet I think Amanda can help you.

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