Bio Compatibility Hair Testing: Animals

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Bio Compatibility Hair Testing: Animals involves the collection of a small sample of your pet’s hair/fur. No needles or blood samples! Over 200 items are tested and is suitable for dogs and cats (Click here for test list.)

Complete the following form and mail us a sample of your animal’s fur/hair including your full name and pet’s name.

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  • Please place hair sample into a sealed plastic bag and mail to us with your full name and your animal's name to:
    244 Verrierdale Road
    Verrierdale QLD 4562
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Bio Compatibility Hair Testing: Animals, is completely non-invasive and painless. The test involves the collection of a small sample of your pet’s fur. No needles or blood samples! The hair is tested for over 200 items and is suitable for dogs and cats.

Why test?

Many animals suffer from health issues resulting from eating particular foods or supplements and/or being exposed to products in their environment that are incompatible with their body over a period of time.  Reactions are accumulative and a visible reaction may not take place for up to four days.

Often animals will crave the very foods they are incompatible with.

  • This can cause an increase in inflammatory mediators in the blood, which then inflames tissue in any part of the body.
  • In the joints it can cause or aggravate arthritic pains.
  • In the respiratory tract it can cause or aggravate respiratory problems and excess mucous.
  • In the skin, it can cause or aggravate rashes, eczema, hot spots and itchy skin.

This is not an Allergy test. Eating
incompatible foods can lead to Allergy.

Animals can suffer allergic reactions in the same manner as humans. The immune process is mostly the same; the main difference is in what they eat and what nutrition they require to maintain good health. Allergic reactions result in excess histamine and other inflammatory substances which can cause pain and inflammation anywhere in the body.

There are a number of tests that determine allergens at a clinical level. Any test only gives us information – what we do with that information is where we get results. By removing allergens, we can endeavour to correct the symptoms; but the underlying cause of the overactive immune system is still there.

Bio-Compatibility testing is at a sub-clinical level. It is aimed at finding out what is causing the immune system to over-activate. Here again they work collectively and how we use the information from the test is of extreme importance.

By eating only the compatible foods indicated on the list we are ruling out all other foods which can add to the overall problem. If we can get the immune system working efficiently; all reactive foods and products should correct in time.

How to order Bio Compatibility Hair Testing: Animals

Step 1. Complete the web form above with as much detail as possible.

Step 2. Cut a small clump of your pet’s hair/fur (approx. 0.5 to 4cm) as close to the root as possible.

Step 3. Send the sample in an envelope or bag clearly labelled with your name and your pet’s name to Greenpet, 244 Verrierdale Road, Verrierdale Qld 4562.

Step 4. Await your results. These will be emailed to the specified address  in the above form. These can often be automatically filed into the email junk folder. We suggest checking this folder before chasing up results. It may take up to 2 weeks for your results to arrive, dependent on the current demand at the lab.

Step 5. Once results received, follow the instructions provided in the report by avoiding all items marked in red. The most important thing is that your pet eats only the safe remaining foods. If you feed your animal foods that are not on the list, they have not been verified by the test and could be bad for your pet.

If you have any questions about this test, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*This is not an allergy test, it is a bio-compatibility test  

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  1. Justine

    Our dog Smudge had red itchy skin all the time. We tried everything to solve the problem – antihistamines, homeopathic remedies, creams and ointments. So on advice I put Smudge on a special diet of lamb, chicken, verges and rice. Nothing worked. In desperation I did this biocompatability test – and found out that she was allergic to lamb, rice, broccoli – all the things I was feeding her. So armed with this information I changed Smudges diet to BARF chicken food and VetsAll Natural sensitive skin mix – and hey presto she was better within a couple of weeks. Her skin has been good for a year now.

  2. Sally (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Floyd has always suffered rashes, itchy skin & yeast infections his whole life. After elimating the recommended triggers he has been excellent. So far he hasn’t needed his monthly cyopoint injection & no signs of any rashes. After trying so many other things, this has been fantastic. Wish I had done this ages ago. Totally recommend

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Was quick and tests a variety of different things

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