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Calm Healthy Horses SOS

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Calm Healthy Horses SOS is for horses seriously affected by their pasture grass. Nutritional support for horses that are ‘grass affected’ and suffering from sore feet, spooking, nose rubbing, separation anxiety, laminitis, itchiness, girthy, ear shy, head flicking or explosive behaviour.


Calm Healthy Horses SOS contains a proprietary blend of chelated magnesium, chelated and non-chelated calcium with essential co-factors boron, phosphorous and Vitamin D.


Best results have been observed when it has been used in conjunction with GrazeEzy along with our other recommended diet adjustments.

For acute problems remove the horse from ALL green, grass until he is back to normal, then gradually and carefully reintroduce grass again.

It is necessary to lower potassium intake by immediately removing from the horse’s diet:

  • Short, green, growing grass
  • Legumes like clover and lucerne
  • Soy-based feeds and protein meals
  • Molasses feeds

All of the above add to your horse’s potassium load and make it harder for his system to keep vital minerals in balance.

He will still be ingesting plenty of potassium (more than his daily requirement) from his 24/7 hay


1 Measuring Cup = 50gms

Start with 10gms per 100kgs live-weight am & pm.

There is no set amount, adjust according to weight and need.  Sometimes it is necessary to feed up to 2 full scoops am and pm for Grass Affected and/or large orders.

SOS can be added to damp feed or dissolved in water and syringed orally.

We suggest feeding a high dose of SOS until the horse is back to normal, then switch to XtraCal for maintenance.


Please refer to our article outlining the 8 Step CalmHealthyHorses Plan and to download the Horse Symptom Checklist.

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Earn up to 145 Points.

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  1. Sneupesen (verified owner)

    Total bloody magic. 3 feeds and my horse is back to normal- better than normal. No more swollen gullet or spookiness. I can’t thank you enough and I cannot recommend highly enough. What magic!!

  2. Petra (verified owner)

    HELP … my horse is getting tender on his hooves again. I have started using Supreme Minerals about 6 weeks ago. While I think it takes time to experience the full benefits of these minerals, the grass got green and juicy and even though I have my horses on the leanest paddock I have, they were still affected, not as much as it was before starting Supreme. So I bought SOS and GrazeEzy and started to feed it together with the Supreme and I notice that the minerals do have an impact. Really happy so far. More time will tell more.

  3. Annie Page (verified owner)

    Fast delivery excellent info will definitely purchase other products in the near future

  4. Amanda S. (verified owner)

    This in combination with Grazeezy has completely relieved my horses head shaking

  5. Christine (verified owner)

    I have used the Povideit plan for some years now and they all fit well together with my stock horse

  6. Alison Sedgwick (verified owner)

    I am noticing a few changes in behaviour already. If I was able to feed 2 x daily I think I would get faster results.

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