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Calm Healthy Horses ToxDefy


Calm Healthy Horses ToxDefy helps to improve forage and feed quality for horses, ponies and donkeys.

Myco-toxins are potentially very harmful to all livestock including horses. Whilst the liver is very efficient at denaturing toxins, chronic or overwhelming assault will lead to various health problems especially when compounded by mineral imbalances. ToxDefy is a natural toxin binder ideal for horses grazing grass that may harbour mycotoxins.


MycosorbA+ which binds mycotoxins without affecting essential nutrients.


10g / 500kg bodyweight

The dose may be fed twice daily in Spring, Autumn or when humidity is high.


Earn up to 140 Points.

2 reviews for Calm Healthy Horses ToxDefy

  1. Bev

    My 12 year old gelding was at the point of being sold.His erratic behavior,at times very dangerous to me,was becoming out of control.I had tried everything from ground work,herbs,powders,trainers ect….they all said the same thing-get rid of before he kills you.I came across Julie who recommended i try tox defy and alliviate.Skeptical and desparate i gave it a go.Three days later i saw a small change and by week two i could not believe the change in my horse.Five months on i have the most unbelieveable bomb proof horse who is a pleasure to own and work with……..thank god for these products as im sure he would have ended up at the knackery.

  2. Sharon

    I now have on hand, all of the Provide It equine products.
    I find I have almost instant results. I have had issues with my horses during the changes of grasses. At one time I had a few colic issues relating from the sugars at different stages in the grasses I have.
    I have been using these products for approx 5 years and when I ran out and didn’t reorder I eventually realised I had the original issues again.
    One call to Provide It and Greenpet and a week later those issues had almost vanished. I will never run out again 🙂

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