Colozone Plus – 100g


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ColoZone Plus helps rid the intestinal system of waste and promotes elimination. It assists in the relief of occasional constipation.

ColoZone Plus is also an antacid which assists the body to neutralise the stomach acid that causes heartburn, gastric reflux, sour stomach, indigestion and acid stomach.

ColoZone Plus can be used as a magnesium supplement. Being in a powder form makes it more easily absorbed and utilised by the body and can be easily mixed into drinks. Get rid of that putrefying matter and blockages and give your body a chance to do the best job it can to bring you to optimum health and provide you with a head start for the rest of your life!

Dosage: Dietary Supplement (RDI):

Adults: 300-400 mg/day
Child (4-13yrs): 130-240 mg/day
Intestinal Cleanse: Under 60kg – 1 x 5mL Metric Teaspoons
65kg to 80kg – 2 x 5mL Metric Teaspoons
Over 80kg – 3 x 5mL Metric Teaspoons
Antacid: Adults/children 12 yrs and over: 1 teaspoon four times a day or as directed by your doctor.

Each 5mL metric teaspoon (1g) contains: Magnesium: 471 mg Magnesium Oxide (heavy): 600 mg Magnesium Carbonate (light): 400 mg


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