Flower Essence Blend Separation Anxiety


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Flower Essence Blend Separation Anxiety

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Flower essences work on the emotional level of wellbeing. Our Flower Essence Blend Separation Anxiety is a specially formulated essence made by our qualified animal naturopath.

Suitable for use with all species, young and old.

Drops may be given orally, in food, on body or in drinking water. They are easy to administer and safe for all ages.

We don’t use any toxic ingredients and these remedies have no side effects.

Flower Essence Blend Separation Anxiety Contains:

Bach flower remedies

Ideal for use with dogs, cats, horses, birds and other species

Bottle Size:

15ml Dropper bottle


3 to 6 drops depending on size of animal

Dose may be given 3 times daily or more frequently as needed (dose as per label instructions)

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  1. jo.allsopp61@gmail.com

    I was feeling very guilty leaving my little maltese at home for six hours on Saturday mornings whilst I have my soap stall at a local market and when I got home, he was panting and panting and this lasted for hours even after i returned. I ordered these drops and place 4 drops on his head one hour before I left home and another 4 drops just before leaving. I was a bit skeptical and fully expected him to still be beside himself when i returned, but oh my, what a change! He was only panting just a little tiny bit and peeking through the blinds at me but this time with a very happy face, not stressed at all.

    I went out for dinner the next evening so decided to try it again, just to make sure I wasn’t imagining this wonderful change and it was the same result. Happy little dog, not stressed at all.

    I can’t praise this product enough as it gives him a non stressed experience without me and allows me a bit of freedom too.

    This little dog was a rescue so I have no idea of his past but am so happy I bought these drops and they work so well. Thank you so much

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