Flower Essence Blend Sibling Rivalry



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Flower Essence Blend Sibling Rivalry

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Flower essences work on the emotional level of wellbeing. Our Flower Essence Blend Sibling Rivalry is a specially formulated essence made by our qualified animal naturopath.

Suitable for use with all species, young and old.

Drops may be given orally, in food, on body or in drinking water. They are easy to administer and safe for all ages.

We don’t use any toxic ingredients and these remedies have no side effects.

Flower Essence Blend Sibling Rivalry Contains:

Bach flower remedies + Australian Bush flower Remedies

Ideal for use with dogs, cats, horses, birds and other species

Bottle Size:

15ml Dropper bottle

50ml Dropper bottle


3 to 6 drops depending on size of animal

Dose may be given 3 times daily or more frequently as needed (dose as per label instructions)

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Earn up to 45 Points.

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  1. Donna

    We have two Dalmatians – a mother and daughter who are both desexed. They have had a great friendship, however, the mother started to become so vicious intermittently with the daughter that one day we came home to a dog that was having trouble walking. We were initially told that we’d potentially have to separate them permanently which was not top of our wish list. We called the guys at Greenpet and Julie recommended Sibling Rivalry, and in conjunction with Greenpet Nerve Tonic, we no longer have any issues. It was like a miracle. Thanks Julie & Dominic – our girls and we are happy again. Donna & Doug

  2. Kate

    Recently I emailed Julie explaining I have a multicat household. A few months ago the Queen of my household passed away, since then there has been a number of on going disagreements between some of my cats – Julie recommended this product. Within a day or so of adding Sibling Rivalry to their drinking water the disagreements almost disappeared. Fantastic Product.

  3. Torien R. (verified owner)

    seems to be working

  4. Torien (verified owner)

    This blend is helping my two get along again

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