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Flower Essence Prescription Blend


Flower Essence Prescription Blend is a specially formulated remedy to suit your animals personality traits.

Please only select this remedy if you have previously spoken with or emailed our animal naturopath regarding your animal’s emotional or behavioural issues.

Our naturopath will then make up an individual flower essence remedy for them.

Please include your animal’s name when ordering.

About the remedy

We use Australian Bush flower essences and Bach Flowers.

Dosage is included on bottle (first order bottle is 25ml).

Flower essences are easy and safe to dose animals of all ages. Dosage is a few drops 3 times daily. Drops may be given orally, in food, in drinking water or placed on body.

Please only select repeat bottle order if you wish to re-order another bottle.




Earn up to 45 Points.


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