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Greenpet Colloidal Silver

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Greenpet Colloidal Silver is 25-30 ppm strength and is 100% safe and natural. Beneficial for all animals, including fish!

Colloidal silver is a natural substance consisting of positively charged 99.99% quality silver.  This is suspended in a colloidal state in steamed, distilled pure water that is energized with Dow quartz crystal.

Suitable for all species including dogs, cats, horses, fish, poultry, birds and farm stock.


Small dogs & cats – 1 drop per kg bodyweight 3 times daily
Medium dogs – 3ml daily
Large dogs – 5ml daily
Goats & Sheep – 10ml daily
Horses & Cattle – 20ml to 60ml daily
As a bacteriostatic agent – Add 5ml to 250ml drinking water

We also stock Colloidal Silver Gel.


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  1. debndave2 (verified owner)

    Every time we have an animal that is showing signs of illness, I use Colloidal Silver. I have used it on birds, dogs, cat, guinea pigs, sheep and rabbits. This is ALWAYS my “go-to” for anything which could be viral, fungal or bacterial…it works well on them all. A few examples are our sheep (14 years old) who got diarrhea, after a day of colloidal silver in his water, he was back to normal health. We also used it in our guinea pigs eye, who had an eye ulcer (along with some homeopathic remedies). Our cat who cut his pad deeply (we used it on the wound and internally to stop infection). For a magpie who had some type of infection with awful smelling stools…and I mean AWFUL, and constipation. Cleared her up in two days. The list goes on really. It is great stuff, especially when you don’t know what the cause is (viral, bacterial or fungal).

  2. BC (store manager)

    I had a goat with advanced pink eye, I put several drops of colloidal silver in both eyes for 3 days and it cleared up very quickly.

  3. Jan Sinclair (verified owner)

    My cockers (11 & 14) seem to have newly found energy!!! Look forward to continuing progress. The spray has stopped the incessant itching! Very happy.

  4. Jeanie (verified owner)

    i use the colloidal silver for on and red spots on the tummy area as one of my pups has reaction to grass seeds ,works wonders and i know its great for hot spots as well,I will always have it in my first aid kit for going on holidays and at home in my grooming supplies.

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