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Greenpet Colostrum Powder


Greenpet Colostrum Powder 20+ IgG contains only 100% pure human-grade bovine colostrum

Who can benefit from Greenpet Colostrum Powder?

Colostrum is suitable for all species, including dogs, cats and farm animals.

Highly nutritious supplement.

This is a high grade product with no additives and is highly palatable for most dogs and cats.

Ideal for young and elderly animals or pets with lowered immunity.


Earn up to 158 Points.

1 review for Greenpet Colostrum Powder

  1. Kim

    I purchased this for my shetland sheepdog who has an extremely rare untreatable collagen deficiency syndrome. She has just had bilateral cruciate ligaments operated on before finding out this disease was the reason her legs had collapsed and ligaments stretched. As I speak she is undergoing an adipose stem cell transplant for her legs. I have given greenpet colostrum to her and my other sheltie for a few months and when they dont have it for a day you really can tell. It has helped both of them through chest infections and quick recovery from surgery for Charlotte. After adding it to her supplement diet she is like a two year old again (she is now nine hears old) wanting to be extremenly active to run and play ball (even if standing).I believe that it has made a real difference in her overall general health and am just about to order more online. Thankyou Greenpet, a fabulous product.

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