Greenpet Cranberry Powder

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Greenpet Cranberry Powder is made from 100% pure human-grade freeze-dried cranberry powder. No additives or sweeteners added.  Suitable for dogs, cats and horses.

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Greenpet Cranberry Powder is made from 100% pure human-grade freeze-dried cranberry powder. No additives or sweeteners added.  Suitable for dogs, cats and horses.


Cats – 1/4 teaspoon daily

Dogs – 1/2 to 1 teaspoon daily

Horses – 2 teaspoons daily


May be fed twice daily if necessary.

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 18 cm

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  1. Customer

    I bought this product and it has been a godsend, my puppy who suffers from ongoing cystits commenced on cranberry powder 2 months ago and has remained infection free. previously she was on continuous antibiotics. it has saved me a stack of money and has given my pup a chance to build up her immune system.
    highly recommend it to anyone with a similar problem with their dog.

  2. Natalie

    My dog has suffered from struvite crystals since she was a pup and after putting a spoonful of cranberry powder on her food she doesn’t get them anymore. This product has saved me a lot of money with prescription food and has given her the relief from the pain. I can’t recommend this enough.

  3. Customer

    My elderly dog had a very large struvite kidney stone removed 3 years ago. We did the expensive prescription diet from the vet and then I researched a natural method of preventing this from recurring. Appart from some dietary changes, and no more prescription diet (which was making her fat and smelt AWFUL) she had had cranberry powder every day on her food. No further problems and she loves the taste of the powder 🙂

  4. Leanne S (verified owner)

    My 8year old border collie had 6 months of bladder infections, struvite crystals and cystitis, after numerous visits to the vet for antibiotics as well as numerous other test and ultrasounds costing a small fortune and even at one stage being told its bladder cancer !!! Then I started to look for alternatives, in April we started using this product with great results …no more bladder infections !!!

  5. SWhybrow (verified owner)

    My 3 year old pug puppy had a number of urine infections we did everything and paid for all types of antibiotics, tests and scans over and over again. I was told to give this a go from the specialist and we have never looked back. She has been on it since August and we have never had another problem!! I cannot recommend this product enough.

  6. Lois S

    The Cranberry Powder of Greenpet’s is fantastic!! My cat was continually succumbing to Urinary Tract Infections due to her type of Renal Failure. Since using the Cranberry Powder, has only had one in a year…instead of every three weeks! Thank You Greenpet!

  7. Sharon O. (verified owner)

    My girl has no problem having this powder mixed into her food each day, hoping that it will help to keep any UTI issues away.

  8. Pam (verified owner)

    Excellent product for management of urine acidity for dachshunds.

  9. Debra M. (verified owner)

    My cat had been having cystitis regularly for 6 months, and since using the cranberry powder she’s only had about a quarter of the episodes she had before taking it. It is easy to mix in with her food and she eats it with no problems.

  10. Bethany Mc (verified owner)

    I am SO GLAD I read the reviews for this. It actually worked on my pug who had a UTI – cleared her up in a matter of days. Amazing stuff. Don’t just rely on antibiotics – go with this

  11. Pam (verified owner)

    Great product. I’ve been using it for about 4 years with good outcome for my dog

  12. Diane C. (verified owner)

    Nice dietary boost to support overall health and urinary tract health in my older dog

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product for relief of UTIs, which my dog has suffered with in the past.

  14. cherri (verified owner)

    cats love it

  15. Colin L (verified owner)

    Helps to prevent bladder infections in female dogs. Great product.

  16. Merryl C (verified owner)

    Our little old Bichon Frise has age related bladder problems. She has this Cranberry Powder every day mixed in with her main meal and the results are good

  17. Colin L (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Great for keeping my Dog’s plumbing healthy.

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