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Greenpet Herbal Eye Wash 15ml


Greenpet Herbal Eye Wash suitable for use with all animals

Drops are placed into pure water and used to bathe the eyes with a cotton swab

Contains: Natural herbal extracts and other natural ingredients

Goldenseal, eyebright, calendula, colloidal silver, manuka honey and other natural ingredients

Size: 15ml dropper bottle


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3 reviews for Greenpet Herbal Eye Wash 15ml

  1. Catherine

    This product is brilliant-I was able to heal my cats eyes easilly after two rounds of antibiotics.

  2. Kate

    This is without a doubt a wonderful product. And one that I would not be without in the cupboard. I have a dog that has a hair irritating her eye. Unfortunately according to the vet, nothing can be done about it. Using this product daily has stopped the irritation. She’s now a much happier dog. My Himalayan Cat has always had runny eyes until I started using this product. Now I have a very happy Himalayan boy. Thanks Julie for all your wonderful products. Special thank you from all my companions.

  3. Nicky

    I woke Sunday morning to find my horse had a badly swollen eye and he could barely open it. I bathed it immediately with Greenpet herbal eye wash and planned to call the vet first thing Monday morning. I bathed it again later that day and by the next morning it was looking a lot better, but still swollen and weeping. I held off calling the vet and kept using the eye wash twice daily and by the end of the 3rd day, his eye was completely open and no discharge at all. You couldn’t tell which eye was affected. I can’t believe how quickly it worked and would highly recommend everyone have a bottle in their first aid cupboard.

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