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Greenpet MSM Powder

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Greenpet MSM powder is pure high quality human-grade MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane powder).

MSM is a naturally occurring, bio-available sulfur compound.

Suitable for dogs, cats and horses.


Ranges from 1/4 teaspoon for cats and small dogs up to 1 tablespoon once or twice daily for horses depending on need.

Dosage is included on packet.


Earn up to 330 Points.

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  1. (verified owner)

    The experiment is still ongoing, but it’s sure looking great so far. Our dog, Lab X, is 7 yrs old and has since puppyhood suffered the most dreadful itching, awful odour, allergies, hair loss and misery. Hundreds of hours of itching, increasingly sore feet (he got to hating walking), and LOTS of money on various attempts to cure / help him (including the vet’s last-ditch prescription of steriods, which sent him into terrible depression), and we honestly began to wonder if we should be ‘kind’, and put him to sleep, as nothing helped for very long. Last month, I asked my NQ farmer brother if he knew of anything, and he said, “Sounds like he needs sulphur.” I researched it, ticked all the boxes for sulphur deficiency, bought some sulphur powder, and got out the MSM I already had (!), and started our boy on it immediately. Three days later, with the combined treatment of coconut oil mixed with the sulphur powder, and daily doses of MSM mixed with Vitamin C powder as described online – the smell disappeared. Now, 2 weeks later, the pained walking has turned to jumping and dancing, the depression has obviously lifted, he is gaining weight, and his hair is growing back!! Sulphur deficiency, met with MSM powder and Vitamin C. It’s literally like a miracle for him, and for us. We are thanking God for the advice, the knowledge and the wonderful response. As a side, I have also been taking sulphur supplementation, as what I read was so enlightening, and I also am feeling the amazing relief. I’m telling everyone about it!

  2. Dorothy (verified owner)

    My dog is a much happier girl and moving ok

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