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Greenpet Muesli Treats


Greenpet Muesli Treats for Dogs are 100% vegan and are home made using only human quality ingredients.

Preservative free

Additive free

No artificial colours or flavours

Treat size is approx 3cm x 4cm and they can be broken into smaller pieces for smaller dogs or cats.

Our famous muesli treats are air-dried at low temperatures to retain nutritional benefits.


Beef liver, rolled oats, oat bran, green barley, linseed meal, sunflower meal and almond meal

We also have a vegan version Greenpet veggie muesli treats and we came up with this winning recipe after requests from many of our clients for a non-meat version.

Tried and tested by many of our clients puppies and dogs all over Australia to pass the taste test.

Treat your furry friend to our healthy and tasty meat-free treats as a morning treat or anytime.

Greenpet Muesli Treats for Dogs Pack Size

250g & 1kg


Earn up to 24 Points Points.

6 reviews for Greenpet Muesli Treats

  1. Jennifer

    Sam is a Pomeranian 5.25 years old. Each time I order I include a new item to try as well as an item/s needing replenishing. Well, when I gave him his very first muesli (bar)treat, his eyes lit up and his lips were active. Again, a success. Also, Greeenpet included a little surprise (a little sample packet of treats)with the order. Thank you for that. Sam licked his lips when I gave him that as well. Always value for money…best products!!!

  2. Zuzana

    My dog loves these treats, he gets so excited when he just sees the bag! And I’m happy knowing that they are healthy and natural too.

  3. Julie

    Full of goodness and yummie as well – too good to be true. Max and Lachie just love them.

  4. June

    Hi my name is June. I bought the vets natural vegetable, mix for my dog max he loves it. I live in Melbourne, and have bought a few times the food is very healthy, and max my dog has so much energy, will be ordering again that’s for sure.

  5. Christine

    Our dog Kaylee loves these Muesli treats. We are happy to give her tasty products and even more so when they are natural and healthy for her. Thanks.

  6. Customer

    This Muesli treat is so healthy and my Little maltese just loves these so much it feels good giving her something you know is healthy for her. Been buying these ever since she was a puppy she is now 15 months old. Her coat is so shiny.

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