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Greenpet Vegie Plus

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Greenpet Vegie Plus is an ideal food additive for fussy pets.

Fussy pets often miss out on vital nutrients, especially if they don’t eat a varied, balanced diet.  Greenpet Vegie-plus is an easy to dose powder rich in nutrients for dogs and cats that don’t get enough variety in their diet.

A concentrated blend of pure, nutrient rich vegetables, herbs, seaweed and fruits.

Suitable for dogs and cats.

All human-grade ingredients.

Packed full of goodness with 12 super foods in every spoonful.


Carob, apple, wheat grass, beetroot, carrot, noni fruit, papaya, pumpkin, spinach, kelp, parsley and rosehips

So if your dog or cat refuses to eat any veggies, then try Greenpet Vegie Plus for their daily dose of veggies!


Earn up to 76 Points.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I have been using VegiePlus for many months now to feed both my dogs and cats. I mix it with fresh pet mince and find even my fussiest will gulp it down. Their coats are shiny and soft and energy levels fantastic. Thanks Greenpet for a great product.

  2. Christine

    I sprinkle some of this into ice cube trays of water and freeze. Our dog Kaylee loves getting the ice treats and I’m happy they are filled with Vegie-Plus superfood goodness for her.

  3. Kassy Keys (verified owner)

    I started using this a month ago, I have noticed the difference in my nearly 8 year old Cavalier, she has a heart problem, so I need to keep her diet optimal, this product has the blend needed to keep her healthy.. I often give her veges steamed and mixed in her chicken, or beef, or sardines, or fish, but sometimes i am flat out, so this is just great and such a boost to her health, i use it every second day.. She loves the taste in her food. I even sprinkle some on the cats wet food for the first 2 weeks, i noticed even they were bright eyed and bounding with energy, and their coats shiny. I particularly love that it has papaya and pumpkin and rosehips in it, such a help for my dog, and great for cats that wont eat any veges at all..

  4. Jeanie (verified owner)

    I really like the vegie plus, I put teaspoon on top of their meals daily, just to make sure they are getting a good balanced meal, I will keep using this one and my pups love it .

  5. debndave2 (verified owner)

    We LOVE Vegie Plus. Our fussy 10 month old Kelpie pup, Charlie, won’t eat anything else in his mince. He has refused raw feeding, BARF food, minced vegetables with supplements and kangaroo mince…then came Vegie Plus!!! I use this in his mince, with ziwi peak dry for his second feed to make sure he it getting all his essential nutrients. Best of all…our fussy cat, Lynxie, LOVES Vegie Plus. He always only ate Ziwi Peak canned food, which I wasn’t 100% happy with, but I knew was better than the shop canned food. One day when I was feeding Charlie his mince with the Vegie Plus in it, Lynxie smelt it and sat patiently to try some. Since that day, he refuses the canned food and is on the same diet as Charlie pup, including the air dried Ziwi Peak. In our house, that is a HUGE win – as anyone with fussy eaters can understand ;).

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