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Natural Animal Solutions Goat Milk Powder


Natural Animal Solutions Goat Milk Powder has been carefully selected from only the finest ingredients. Our formula is 100% filler and dairy free and contains no whey protein (a protein often associated with causing diahorrea).

Rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and bio-available protein

Goat Milk Powder contains a multitude of nutrients and is often referred to as the most nutrient dense bio-available food source, making it ideal for weaning, malnutrition and upset tummies.

We take great pride in the fact that Natural Animal Solutions® Goat Milk Powder is human grade and 100% filler free. It is low in lactose and highly digestible, so it won’t irritate even the most sensitive tummy. Perfect for pet’s, livestock and wildlife of all ages.

Key features:

  • Great taste that animal’s love
  • Rich in complex nutrients
  • Great value nutritionally rich treat
  • Perfect for dog’s, cat’s, small animals, livestock and wildlife of all ages
  • Weight: 400g


  • Use as a nutritionally rich treat
  • Added nutrition for puppies and kittens
  • Nutritional support for the sick or elderly
  • Nutritional support for livestock and wildlife
  • Rich in complex nutrients
  • Highly digestible for sensitive tummies
  • Low lactose


  • Nature’s perfect food
  • Pure human grade goat milk powder
  • 100% free from fillers
  • 100% free from artificial flavours
  • Great taste that animals love
  • Easy to mix and feed for your pet’s

Natural Animal Solutions Goat Milk Powder Ingredients:

  • 100% Human grade goat milk powder

Dosage and Directions:

Add to food or mix with water

Add 1 serve to food or mix 1 serve with 150ml of water

To make 1 serve:

Place 3 scoops of powder into a glass. Measure out 150ml of water. Mix the powder in sufficient water to form a smooth paste then add the remaining water.

Can be given daily or as required



*Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, seek veterinarian advice

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