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Slippery Elm Powder

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100% pure human-grade slippery elm bark powder. Suitable for all species as a nutritious food or for its soothing benefits.


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  1. bakkabyond (verified owner)

    Slippery Elm Powder is wonderful stuff. My nearly 9 year old girl has had tummy issues her whole life but since I have started her on this, she is holding weight and much happier. She still has loose stools sometimes but not nearly as often as she used to. So glad I found it and can finally give her a bit of relief.

  2. Kassy Keys (verified owner)

    Slippery Elm is wonderful for tummy issues, my friend was on it for 2 months and said she couldnt eat without it.. I decided to try it on my dog, who had serious stomach issues and digestive issues.. I found within 2 doses of this, her stools improved greatly and she didnt seem uncomfortable after a feed.. I love this product

  3. Anonymous

    Review of Slippery Elm Powder – My 7 year old boxer has been struggling the past year with digestion/stomach issues and excessive gas. This product has been amazing in relieving his symptoms.

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