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Earn up to 48 Points.

Natural Animal Solutions TravelEze


Natural Animal Solutions TravelEze puts motion sickness into the rear-view mirror.
Motion sickness is a common ailment affecting 1 in 4 pets, and symptoms can be unpleasant and distressing; but can you imagine sitting back and enjoying your dog’s company for the whole road trip?

Fortunately, Natural Animal Solutions® TravelEze offers a fast-acting, all natural solution for travel and the symptoms associated with travel sickness. TravelEze is formulated to settle an ‘uneasy’ stomach without causing drowsiness, so you can enjoy your dog’s company the entire day.

Natural Animal Solutions TravelEze combines the soothing power of Ginger, Withania and Chamomile to naturally calm your pet’s stomach and provides all passengers (not just the 4-legged ones) a more comfortable ride!

Key features:

Fast acting relief
All-Natural travel formula which is safe and gentle
Great value (Up to 25 trips per bottle)
Suitable for dog’s, cat’s and small animals


Ginger, Withania and Chamomile


Provides relief from motion sickness for small animals
Car trips
Visits to the vets
Plane travel
Boat travel

Dosage Directions:

Administer orally or add to small sample of food.
Recommended dosage 30 minutes prior to travel and again before travel and every hour during travel if required. Do not feed meals 1 – 2 hours before travel.

Dosage size: 2 – 3 drops (Dilute in water if sensitive to medication)


10kg: 1 – 2ml

20 – 30kg: 2 – 3ml

30 – 40kg: 4 – 5ml

50kg+: 5 – 6ml

Note: For best results in extreme cases therapeutic dosage can be administered in a 2 step dosage plan

Example: Prior to car travel, administer therapeutic dosage 30 minutes prior to travel, then again just as you are leaving. For long journeys administer dosage every 1-2 hours or as required

Important note: Do NOT feed meals up to 2hrs prior to travel

15ml & 100ml bottles


Earn up to 48 Points.


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