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Veganpet Dog Food


Veganpet dog food is a complete vegan diet that is made from organic ingredients and is nutritionally balanced to meet AAFCO standards.

Veganpet dog food is a dry extruded food that contains a vegetable source of every nutrient a dog needs.

Great for use when on holidays or as food rewards when training, when late home or have nothing fresh in the fridge for them. Simply serve and let them enjoy!

Guilt-free fast food.

Feeding Guide:

Up to 10kg …………. 1 to 1.5 cups

10kg to 20kg ………. 2.5 to 3 cups

20kg to 30kg ………. 3.5 to 4 cups

30kg to 40kg ………. 4 to 5 cups

50kg and over …….. 5 to 6 cups


Veganpet dog food is an excellent base for your dog’s vegan diet. Just add the required amount of food daily as suggested. Mix it with any other food, feed it alone or pour warm water over it making it softer.

In recent studies it has been found to be best to feed your adult dog at least twice a day (puppies must be fed more) instead of one big meal daily. The smaller more frequent meals have been found to stop gulping of food, which helps to prevent ingestion of air giving stomach, cramps. Small meals can prevent choking while gorging on food. Finally smaller meals help prevent gastric dilatation, and aids in nutrient absorbsion in the small intestine. Do not feed your dog a big meal before any strenuous exercise.

Always have fresh cool water available for your dog.


Corn, rice, soy, oat bran, corn gluten meal, flax meal, yeast & brewers yeast. Sunflower, flaxseed & canola oil. Barley grass, garlic, spirulina & kelp. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, FOS, yucca extract, omega 3, omega 6, linoleic acid, essential fatty acids, vitamin c, prebiotics and probiotics.

All ingredients are human-grade and organic. It contains no artificial ingredients and is made in Australia.

*Note: Although Veganpet dog food is made as a complete food, we do not recommend feeding any dry food as the sole dietary intake for optimum health for dogs or cats. A fresh food diet is essential for long-term health.  Please read our article on Vegan/Vegetarian Diet for Dogs for more information.

Veganpet is also available in cat food.


Earn up to 185 Points.

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  1. Rachael

    My dogs and cat all really like veganpet food. It’s great quality with no nasty preservatives and being vegan, there’s no worry about it containing sick and diseased animal flesh. It has added enzymes and the fatty acids are added after the food has cooled, so they are not destroyed by the heat. No animal suffering here! Yay!

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