QLD Itch Natural Alternatives 08/09/2015

This condition is due to hypersensitivity to insect bites, causing extreme itching. It is usually worse during the humid summer months, but may affect some horses or dogs all year long. Itching is usually intense and can cause the animal to scratch constantly causing mild to severe hair loss and open sores. The skin eventually may become thickened and wrinkled.

The following is a list of the many alternative treatments that will help to control the dreaded “itch”.

QLD itch Relief pack for horses – click here to view this

External Products for dogs and horses –

Native Magic cream may be applied to affected areas of skin for dogs or horses – click on the link to see results using this cream.

Heritage Downs Intensive Treatment oil may be applied late in the afternoon (to avoid exposure in hot sun) to affected areas such as along mane, base of tail.

Heritage Downs Face & Body Cream may be applied to face, ears and base of tail to soothe irritated, dry and flaky areas of skin.

Internal Remedies for horses ~

Internal treatment is also highly recommended for long term relief of Qld itch.

Qld itch or Summer itch is one of the most distressing conditions that affects horses and dogs in the sub tropical and tropical climates. It can be very frustrating, especially when you can have two or more horses sharing a paddock and only some will have Qld itch, while others are not affected. With constant rubbing and scratching on everything from fence posts, trees or anything within reach.

HERBS can be extremely beneficial and when used in conjunction with external treatment and will igreatly improve the condition and help the horse to ovedrcome the problem. Herbs to help support horses suffering from QLD itch blend is available.

Homeopathic remedies may be used to assist with this condition, depending on the individual animal. Contact the clinic for details.

HOMEOPATHY works on relieving the severity of the itch and reducing the reaction to insect bites. These drops are given orally.

For specific treatment recommendations to suit your horse, contact us for details.

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