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Itchy Skin: What can you do?

7 February, 2020

Itchy Skin: What can you do? One of the most common questions we get asked is – My dog or cat has itchy skin and its not fleas: What can you do to help? OR My horse is scratching on everything until he or she is bleeding and causing injury. Is there anything that can help? Well, the answer is YES, natural therapies can greatly assist dogs, cats and horses with itchy skin conditions. Skin problems and allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent among domestic animals today and using drugs to relieve the itch is not the answer for long term relief from…

Is Your Dog Gluten Intolerant?

20 October, 2015

These days, gluten intolerance is a well-recognized condition in humans and there are shelves full of products designed to help sufferers manage the condition and avoid unpleasant symptoms, but did you know some dogs suffer gluten intolerance as well? What causes gluten intolerance? In general the canine digestive system has no issues digesting grains such as wheat, rye, barley and oats but, as with humans, some dogs can’t tolerate gluten. If a dog is gluten intolerant/sensitive their small intestine becomes inflamed when they consume gluten as a result of abnormal protein reactions in the small intestine. This allergic reaction to…

BioCompatibility Testing For Animals

9 September, 2015

BioCompatibility Testing For Animals is a great tool to help with many health issues. Does your animal suffer from any of the following – Diarrhoea Digestive problems Eye and ear conditions Skin rashes Itchy skin Lung conditions Sinus infections Eczema or hair loss Arthritis Hot spots Find out which foods are making him/her unwell Many animals suffer from allergies and this can be the result of eating bio-incompatible foods over a period of time. Allergic reactions are accumulative and a visible reaction may not take place for up to four days. Often animals will crave the very foods they are…