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Laminitis and Founder – What to watch out for

6 April, 2016

There is a difference between laminitis and founder – Laminitis is inflammation of the laminae (which is the tissue that attaches the coffin bone to the hoof wall). Founder, is where the laminae have let go allowing the coffin bone to ‘sink’ within the hoof capsule. Laminitis nearly always precedes founder. Laminitis is a CHEMISTRY problem, which is relatively easy to rectify if action is taken early enough. However, once the laminae have ‘let go’, it is now a PHYSICAL injury or a mechanical problem which is a whole different kettle of fish to recover from. To rehabilitate a foundered…

Laminitis Solutions

8 September, 2015

Equine Laminitis Solutions – Click here for information about the difference between laminitis and founder. There are several potential causes of laminitis: Any major infection such as a retained placenta Some medications Any injury which causes constant weight-bearing on the other ‘good’ limb Standing on poisonous substances Gorging on grain from the feed bin Fructans in cool season grasses like rye-grass The sort of laminitis we are talking about here is that which is most common, especially in spring and autumn, and is caused by the mineral imbalances inherent in the grass the horse is consuming, referred to here as ‘Grass-Induced…