A Happy Ending!


This is one of those cases where there was a simple answer to a seemingly complex problem. “Jenny from Calm Healthy Horses saved my beautiful horses life.I honestly can’t thank her enough for what she has done.10 months ago my…

Lameness, spooky and facial crests


Shardy is an 8yr old Purebred Egyptian Arab. His owner, Jen was having no end of trouble. His issues included: Frequent lameness and struggling to get up hillsHe became spookyHe rubbed his nose a lot, especially when out riding, stopping…

Big Head disease recovery


Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism Recovery In December 2010 my horse was diagnosed with signs of big head disease. The swellings on each side of her head were extremely large and appeared over a matter of weeks. She was reluctant to go…

Lethargic and Dragging feet


One day I noticed my horse had suddenly become very stiff, and was dragging his front legs and appeared quite lethargic. I knew something was wrong as he was normally very forward moving and this particular day, he just seemed really tired….

Suspected Fractured Pelvis Recovery


Our 15 year old stock horse developed what we thought was arthritis around 3 months after we purchased him (he had been fully vet checked prior to purchase and passed with flying colors). He was intermittently lame which would come and go…

Spooking and Shying Violently


I have been using the whole ProvideIt Plan for over a year now with amazing results and would like to share the experience. I had searched for the right horse for months and a friend found him in the Eastern…

Sore Back and Nipping


I bought Duke in early January, 2010. When I went to try him he was a calm, unflappable horse who seemed to take everything in his stride. My mother and I brought him home and put him in a large…

Leg Splints Disappeared


Barry was broken-in in March, 2009, at four years of age and quietly worked through the winter, attending some winter clinics. After shedding the winter woollies and going from the ugly duck to a beautiful swan, he was shown three…

Suspected Fractured Pelvis or Sacroiliac Injury


Great news! The horse with the suspected fractured pelvis is back to normal! I know a lot of people will bethinking ‘How can this be?’ Actually it is not at all difficult to understand when you realise how much mineral…

Equimin Supplement


Raised on healthy food and Equimin supplement and looking stunning now. Wanikya – Before ‘After photo’ was taken 6 months after starting on Equimin Supplement daily. C.P Melbourne, VIC



“My stock horse stallion sliced his front foot and was in a plaster cast for 7 weeks. The Vet said initially it may not heal up enough for proper use of his foot. When the cast was removed, his foot…

Equine Herbs Consultation


“I am just sending this to say a great big thank you to Greenpet for the wonderful advice and service. (Naturopathic consultation) I turned to natural therapies as a last resort to helping my daughters nine year old Australian Pony….

Arthritis relief for Horse


‘My 16 yr old horse has arthritis in both hocks and a tendency to put his back out a lot. I was told to retire him to trail riding duties as his working life was apparently over, he only dose…

Horse Goes Crazy!


After losing my pony a few years ago I acquired ‘Dollie’, an Anglo Arab filly. At first she didn’t trust people and was very scatty but with in 6 months she became almost bomb proof in the paddocks and you…

Unpredictable, Dangerous Horse Saved


We have had Noah ten months. His previous owner had bought him for his wife as a novice rider’s horse. They gave me Noah with great caution as he had bucked, reared and succeeded in getting them off. He refused…

Summers Recovery


The pictures below show “Summer” an elderly Stock horse x Arab before (left) and after (right) natural treatment. Summer was fed on natural feed, hay and supplemented with Greenpet Equimin and Greenpet Joint GMC                  

Stiff, Lame and Spooky Horse


I fell for my Palomino Quarter Horse on our first ride. He was 14 years old and only 3 months prior to my owning him he had lived in Queensland. He was bred in South East Queensland and was broken…

Scour Testimonial


Scour Testimonial: “My Quarter Horse gelding has scoured for most of his life and no change of diet, Vet, Nutritionist or Herbalist has helped. Most foods and all supplements upset his gut and it has been a nightmare to work…

Dangerous Horse Now Calm


This is a picture taken on Tue 12th May 2009 of 63 year old Ian Fergusson and his 10 yr old half Irish gelding. Up until about 6 weeks ago Monkey was one of those horses people categorise as ‘down-right…

Belle’s Ross River Virus Recovery


In March 2009 our mare became very ill, legs swollen and stiff, and she could barely walk. She was diagnosed by blood test to have Ross River Virus … a bad case of it. Our vet said her recovery would likely…

Darcy’s Eye Infection


Image taken 3 June 2011, of ‘Darcy’s’ left eye. I came out to find this eye fully closed, unable to open it with swelling on upper lid. I bathed it with Greenpet Herbal Eye Wash and sprayed Greenpet Oxyeze Skin Spray. Later…

Sarcoids Testimonial


“In April of ’98, a friend gave me some salve…to remove some sarcoids on two of my horses. One on the nostril of one horse, and two on the under side of the barrel on the other horse. The nostril…