Samson, one of my 3 Ragdolls is doing great on BioAktiv, shiny coat, fleas are minimal, they have only been on it a month, but very happy with your product! It’s a supplement powder, added to their wet /raw food, it helps to neutralise their litter box odour, gives them a beautiful shiny coat, it strengthens their immune system, bad breath, colic and it also helps with flea control.

“I have been giving Greenpet essentials to a couple of shelter cats for 3 months now and have noticed a difference. Had to ease them into it gradually as they were not used to it. But they now eat it all and are looking healthier.”

“My Persians cats are very fussy eaters so I started out by adding just a sprinkle of the Greenpet Essentials to their raw meat diet and over a period of 2 months I finally have them taking the full dose eagerly. I am pleased to say they have never looked better shiny coats, sparkling eyes and full of vitality. I am now using several of your products all of them are Fantastic. Thanks so much.

“Our cat is extremely fussy and fickle with her food. Mostly she eats fresh, organic chicken or lamb mince, sometimes with some sardines mixed in. When we’re busy and don’t have dinner ready for her, these ZiwiPeak Daily cat cans really save our skins. Plus it’s wonderful to know she’s eating food that is not packed with chemicals and hormones, like most other brands we’ve tried.
Thank you for another wonderful product for our animal companions!”

“After many months, dollars, vet trips and antibiotics with no success I have finally found a product that has helped relieve, if not cure my cats ongoing urinary tract infection – UTI relief pack. Within a week of using this product my cats symptoms ceased, her appetite returned and she has been a much happier cat and I am a much happier owner with no more red piddle puddles to clean up. I will continue to use this product. Thank you so much.”

“The RW Relief pack broke the ringworm cycle, which is very difficult in a household of three cats. After months using vets medication, I used the remedies in this pack as instructed. The herbal topical treatment is excellent. The spots that I could see coming up on my lilac burmese went in 24 hours, and have not returned. Since I have used this on myself, as I picked up a few spots. It cleared my spots up very quickly & I felt better using a natural product on myself and my cats. This really works.”

“I would just like to say that my beautiful cat has struggled for a long time with arthritis in the hips and lower back and other areas. I have tried so many different products and therapies but since commencing with the AR relief pack and the Technyflex his movement is finally much improved and he can now manage to jump up and down and get around in the garden and inside much better than he has for the last 4 years. He even managed to get onto the top of the pergola which I don’t think he has manged for about 5 years. In addition he is just so much happier in himself because he seems to be almost pain free now. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. PS; I would also like to say thank you to your lovely staff who are always very professional, friendly and helpful.  Thank you very much from both of us.”

“My 10 year old Persian cat has arthritis and after spending $2,500. for vet tests and still no answers he was put on prednisone. when he couldn’t walk so I went searching for alternative treatment. I ordered the AR relief pack and the Technyflex feline capsules. When my cat came of the prednisone he started to wobble again so started with the Technyflex, he is now actually running around like a young kitten and is full of life, when I initially was told he might have a brain tumour and I thought that I might loose him, Thank goodness for GREENPET! “

“Our poor old man has had renal failure for quite a number of years and has slowly but surely declined in health. Now being around 19 years old, he’s been deteriorating steadily, losing weight, not getting to the litter quickly enough, needing the litter every hour or so, throwing up, drinking way too much water and looking generally manky. So, I thought to give this product a try. Since starting to use this product (I do 2 rounds of treatment a day with the KDY relief pack remedies), our Schmoopy has been more lively and alert, eating much more than usual and significantly reduced toilet breaks. We have our cheeky man back and we couldn’t thank the team at Greenpet enough!  A word of warning though, I forgot treatment for an evening and he was straight back to his old ways, so be prepared to continue using this product if you want to see continued improvement. I will definitely be continuing with this product, ’til death do us part.”

“I have two cats, and one had become increasingly maniacal towards a later addition to the family. Her persecution became so extreme that if she saw even the shadow of her whisker around a corner, she would get an insane gleam in her eye and stalk our poor pussy until she pounced as violently as possible. She could not see her at all without immediately executing an attack. Eventually poor Solembum began running away, and we tried the Sibling Rivalry flower essence blend as a last resort. It took about a month of consistent administration before we suddenly noticed a difference. Spats began ignoring her and eventually lost interest. Spats would vaguely walk past, notice her enough to stop and sniff at her tail, but then pass on. Even my sceptical husband is amazed at the effectiveness of the remedy. While we keep giving Spats her medicine, she has no interested in chasing Solembum. Both cats are a lot more relaxed and happy now. I definitely recommend Sibling Rivalry to anyone with a jealous cat.”

“Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the improvement in Buddy’s condition since using the products you recommended.  Has been a week since starting the treatment but the sores on his back seems to be drying up nicely.  He has stopped licking it and making it bleed, so hopefully we have got on top of it. So far so good.  Thank you.

“We have a beautiful 18 month old tonkinese cat named Molly and last year on advice from our vet we started to supplement her raw food with good quality dry food. Since then she has lost weight and energy and she has had lots of problems with shedding and hairballs. We had to give her laxitives weekly to stop the continual intestinal blockages and change to furball formula dry food but she became listless and I was very concerned for her. So a few days ago I decided to abandon the dry food, go back to the raw food diet and started her on the Complete mix food. She has only been on it for 3 days and she isn’t even on full strength yet as she is still getting used to the taste however she is bounding around like a mad thing dropping her toy mouse in her drinking water and putting water everywhere and pouncing on us every chance she gets. I can’t believe the change in such a short period of time. I’ll keep you posted as to how she is in a few months. Thanks heaps. J.T

“I started giving my cats the digestive enzymes and noticed an immediate improvement in their coats and also their gingivitis.” – W.A

“I can’t believe that my cat is eating this stuff (Vegie Plus), he is normally so fussy and now he is even licking the bowl clean when I feed him his fresh food. It smells good enough to sprinkle on my cereal! ”.

“My cat had a voracious appetite but was very thin and cried all the time. Within 3 days of giving her your digestive enzymes, she stopped crying, calmed down and started gaining weight. Your products are a blessing”. C.L

“Ellington” (the cat) was diagnosed with an oral fibrosarcoma on the tongue. It had previously been removed surgically, but had regrown.

Ellington1 Ellington2sm

Dec 2002.“Ellington” after Natural treatment and supplements. Tongue is totally clear. 6 months later the tumor was gone. October 2003

“My Birman Kitten had ringworm, cold and sticky eyes when she arrived. Your products stopped the circle of ringworm with the other cats, cleared the cold and healed the eyes. Medication from the vets didn’t really help clear the problems.” 
C.B. Australia

“I am writing this letter to thank you very much for saving my cat Celeste. Yesterday morning Celeste delivered three healthy baby kittens. I didn’t let you know that she was in kitten until they were born just in case it was like last time and the kittens died. Your herbal formula obviously cleaned out her system. When she first started labour, I was very concerned because a pussy discharge came out, mixed with blood. I didn’t know if it was the mucous plug or it was an infection. Obviously it must have been the plug. It goes to show natural medicines in a lot of cases is far superior to western medicine. The vet that I use doesn’t want to know about this because he still can’t believe that your formula saved Celeste. So from Celeste and I we thank you with all our heart, and also thank you for persevering for me and taking the time to talk to me”.
L.S Greenmount, QLD

“Bil was diagnosed in September 99 as having a bone tumour on the inside of his rib. His Veterinarian gave me the bad news that he will not survive Christmas which devastated me as he has been with us for 14 years. I was determined to help Bil and give him the quality of life without pain. Since you prescribed the remedies which I give him daily, his condition has improved immensely. He is eating really well and his beautiful green eyes are brighter than ever. His level of energy has even come back. It’s now March 2000 and the Veterinarian is quite amazed that he is still doing well”.
M.B Tasmania

“I recently bought Pet Booster for my cat. She loves it and is looking really healthy and her allergy problem has now gone.”