Greenpet’s FAQs

How do I know which remedy or supplement to use for my animal?

If you are having difficulty finding the right product, then please contact our friendly staff who can assist with advice on the best product/s to suit your animal’s needs. Alternatively you can contact our animal naturopath directly via our Ask the Naturopath link and she can send you details and links to the most suitable products.

How do I administer homeopathic remedies to my animal?

Homeopathic remedies may be given orally or drops placed on the body or in drinking water. All remedies come with dosage instructions for use, so follow the directions on the bottle.

How do I administer herbal remedies?

Herbal tonics are best given in food. For dogs and cats you can add to meals or if the animal refuses to eat the food then try mixing with a small amount of mashed tinned pink salmon (in springwater) to give dose. This is best given on its own and not mixed with meal so they don’t get sick of it, and think of it as a treat. This is especially useful for frequent dosing if drops need to be given 3 times daily.

Dried herbs and herbal tonics can be given to horses directly mixed into feed. If using dried herbs these can be added directly or you can pour boiling water over herb to steep and then add the herb and soak water to horses feed which is preferable in some cases.

How long will herbal and homeopathic remedies last?

Herbal tonics and homeopathic medicines should be stored in a cool, dry place away from strong smelling odours. They do not need to be refrigerated and ideally are best kept in a dark cupboard. If stored correctly they will generally last for a few years. If the remedy becomes cloudy, smelly, discoloured or contains lumps, then discontinue use as it may have become contaminated. This can occur when administering remedies directly into animals mouth.

How long will my order take to arrive?

This will depend on where you live of course. We use Australia post or couriers for deliveries. All orders are dispatched within 24 hours (excluding public holidays and weekends). If we do not have something in stock, we will endevour to contact you to let you know.

My order hasn’t arrived yet?

Please contact us if your order has not arrived within 7-10 days and we will follow up with courier or Aust post to track it down. On occasion, parcels are at your local post office awaiting collection due to a notification card not being left in your letterbox. Please do not wait weeks before notifying us as the longer it is left the harder it can be to locate your parcel.

If you need assistance please call our friendly staff on 07 5449 1453 or email us.