Dog Testimonials

“Two years ago Misty’s mobility and health problems reached a point where she needed expert intervention. I acted out of familiarity and approached a vet, who put her on a treatment plan, which included Proplan, monthly arthritis injections and massage. After administering this vet recommended treatment for almost two years, with no improvement, I realized it was time for a change, I stepped outside the box and researched alternative treatments…Misty’s health & range of movement steadily continued to decline.

Misty was now not only suffering from old age, she had developed extreme incontinence, frequent diarrhea, lumps the size of golf balls throughout her body and arthritis, so bad, Misty was unable to stand up properly, squat for urine & bowel movements and was unable to walk or jump.

I discontinued Misty’s Proplan & arthritis injection treatments the day I began the BioAktiv CQ Plan. Massage was the only recommenced vet treatment I continued with…

In just over two months of having Misty on a tailored plan to suit her individual needs, she is now able to walk and enjoy the freedom of mobility!! She can stand up straight, squat to toilet and jump into my sedan car to go on walks of moderate duration. She is now also eating without support from us, having two formed bowel motions a day and her incontinence is now a thing of the past.

I have documented in detail Misty’s 72 day journey on this treatment plan, which is 27 pages long. The results I witnessed in just a couple of days alone were unbelievable! I encourage anyone in my situation to request a copy of Misty’s journey and explore how BioAktiv can help your senior or suffering pet.”


“My girl Tori had digestive problems and allergies..I got her onto Greenpet’s Slippery Elm and also the Synbiotic probiotics..everything is in the gut..also she has been having Vitagest every now and again instead, and Vegie plus and Flaxseed oil for the Omegas and her coat is amazing and she is bounding with energy for an old girl of nearly 8, certainly makes a difference with these supplements and Julie is always available to ask questions if needed.. Delivery is soooo quick.. very happy.”

“I wanted to share my experiences with the homeopathic products TK and Para-X – I put 2 drops of each in my dog’s water bowel every fill, which is 4L.  I bought a new puppy and brought him home. He had been wormed every 2 weeks since birth by the breeder. After 1 week, he began pooping very large roundworms. I spoke to the breeder who said whatever I’m using, is clearly very effective. The only thing he was given was access to the water station…! How wonderful!!  And, last week, I found a large, half engorged paralysis tick on his face. He has very long fur so its not easy to spot (but I felt a lump) and probably was there a while. My 10 week old puppy had zero symptoms! I pulled it off and that’s it. No reactions, symptoms, nothing. I am absolutely stunned and thrilled!!”

“This product is amazing, I have been struggling with hot spots for almost a year with my Rottie. Within 2 days of using the DerMagic Hot Spot Salve, the Hot spots are 90% gone. My dog had instant relief when the product was applied.”

“I used the Ringworm remedies on my 16yr old Chihuahua who had 6 patches of ringworm appear around his collar line. Redness disappeared on the patches after 1 day of application. No more spots appeared after the first application and after 2-5 weeks all patches where in various stages of hair regrowth.  I used no other treatments on him and his diet remained the same. I used the homeopathic myself as a prophylactic as, I am always in such close contact with him. I had no symptoms appear on me at all. Very happy :-)!!”

“My 6 year old toy poodle had been suffering from IBS for the past six years. I was giving him Slippery Elm every day only with some little success. After a recommendation to change his diet to raw meats with the Complete Mix, he has improved 95% after 8 weeks. His stomach cramps, vomiting etc have stopped. He’s a very happy chappy!!”

“My 10 year old Aussie Terrier has had pancreatitis and is now on insulin for diabetes. She was in a very bad way, lost weight and very weak. I was recommended Vitagest and Dr Goodpet Canine Enzymes  which I started her on along with Greenpet Essentials and a natural diet based on Vets All Natural complete mix. Within weeks she has changed so much; bright eyes, energy, she has put on weight and goes for walks again. Of course the insulin has been important but without the natural products we couldn’t have addressed the underlying pancreattic problems. Thanks Greenpet for a great service.”

“We have two Dalmatians – a mother and daughter who are both desexed. They have had a great friendship, however, the mother started to become so vicious intermittently with the daughter that one day we came home to a dog that was having trouble walking. We were initially told that we’d potentially have to separate them permanently which was not top of our wish list. We called the guys at Greenpet and Julie recommended a Flower Essence blend — Sibling Rivalry, and in conjunction with Greenpet Nerve Tonic, we no longer have any issues. It was like a miracle. thanks so much.”

“I used the Greenpet herbal Ear drops on my lab who had suffered from a chronic ear problem for at least a year or two. After numerous rounds of ear drops from the vet and antibiotics, it kept recurring. I used your ear drops 3 months ago now and it cleared up after about 10 days and has not returned. This is the longest we have had without ear problems. Thank you so much.”

“Our dog suffered an obstructed bowel, pancreatitis and peritonitis and he needs a lot of TLC when it comes to food from now on. After talking to Greenpet about her problems we were recommended Vitagest. Our dog is recovering very well on a combination of Vitagest and a natural, mostly raw food diet. The real change has been in our 7 month old kitten. We got her from the RSPCA when she was 4 months old and she was always starving and had runny poos and gunky eyes. She had a trip to the vet (for other reasons) and was declared in good health, but the problems persisted. Since our dog has had a change of diet, we decided to feed the same to our two cats. She has improved a lot on the diet and supplement. Her droppings are now solid and the associated gas has gone and as a bonus, her eyes have cleared up and she seems less addicted to the dry cat biscuits (the cats still get 1 TBSP of biscuits each in the morning in an attempt to wean the cats off them). Our older cat, has always been a picky eater and she now has a much better appetite. So thanks for good advice and a great product.”

“My 3 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has always suffered with dietary problems. Anything I gave him seemed to cause problems in all sorts of ways. I was seeing the vet so regularly and many tests later that I was at a loss to know what to feed him. I found Vets All Natural Complete mix when I was on the internet. I have not had one day’s problem with my dog since he started on this. I started with cooked chicken as the meat supplement, then raw chicken/turkey and now he is on raw kangaroo meat. He was also nearly booked in to get his teeth cleaned at the vets . I hesitated because of the cost and followed the advice on the website and gave him bones on a regular basis as well. To this day he has not had to revisit the vet, his teeth were examined by the vet at his last injection date and he was surprised by the difference and did not think a clean was necessary. I attribute this change in my dog to his diet and advice I read on the website. It made sense and it is ‘criminal’ what the pet food manufacturers try to recommend when it comes to feeding animals. My dog’s coat is shiny, his breath is good his bowel movements are as they should be and his disposition is one very happy dog.”

My toy poodle injured his knee joint when he was 8 months old. I was told he needed surgery and he would experience arthritis pain due to having such an injury. After careful consideration and monitoring the injury as well as research, we never went ahead with the surgery. I was aware of the benefits of Glucosamine for human joint pain relief so I immediately put him on to Glucosamine powder which I purchased from Greenpet. He is now just over 7 years of age and I have used a couple of different Glucosamine powders but I have found the benefits from the HCL form are the best. He gets a dose once every day mixed into his evening meal and if for some reason he misses a couple of doses he starts to get a little sore in the leg. The injured leg is also managed through regular massage and he is happy and mobile and rarely shows discomfort. I highly recommend Glucosamine HCL for joint health and I think without it my little dog would be on pain medication which would be causing him other side effects.”

Petzlife oral care gel really does work. I have an eight year cocker spaniel whose teeth were covered in tartar and plaque. I was concerned about having her anaesthetised by the vet for a dental clean because of her age and the fact she has a slight heart murmur. I followed the product’s instructions (using a small toothbrush) and within 3-4 weeks my dog’s teeth were quite white with little tartar or plaque residue. In fact, when I took her to the vet for a check up, she commented on what good condition my dog’s teeth were in for her age – no dental cleaning required! Give it a try and I think you will be happy with the results and your dog will love the Wild Salmon Oil!”

“Healthy Pets Naturally is a fantastic, simple and easy to understand book on how to raise healthy pets on a natural diet. I have 9 dogs and changed them to a raw diet 3 months ago, 3 of them have special individual needs. This book has made feeding them all, that much easier. A very handy little book.”

“My Jack Russell has had Irritable Bowel problems since I rescued him. Projectile vomiting, diarrhoea…the works. I finally found that a combination of raw kangaroo tails and slightly cooked kangaroo mince with steamed veggies did the trick but once in a while his tummy would start growling and he would go and eat a load of grass. I tried probiotics and many different supplements but nothing has really cured him. Well until now. Vitagest is fantastic!! Please don’t ever discontinue this product or change it in any way. He gets 1tsp twice a day and he seems to be cured. No IBS symptoms. Just a happy little boy. Thank-you so much Greenpet!!”

“As promised, I attach photos of our puppy ‘Woody’ in his distressed state, and now. We followed your recommendations keenly and introduced our other dog ‘Snoopy’ to the new diet and away from canned foods. There has been a remarkable change in both animals. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU”.
J.Z Papua New Guinea

If your dog is suffering from a condition similar to what Woody had, please feel free to contact us for advice.

“Just letting you know Skye is much better, she loves the raw food diet. Mange is nearly gone. Fur growing back on front legs and face. She is much more mobile and energetic again.”

“Maggie has been doing very well on the remedy that you have prescribed, she is a lot calmer when walking past other dogs and more responsive to me.”

“This Greenpet Herbal Pet Shampoo is really great. It smells lovely, very fresh and clean – some shampoos for dogs leave them smelling worse than they did before they were washed! Very well-priced, too. It actually had an effect I wasn’t expecting. My Miniature Schnauzer has always had some red staining through the white on her beard, that nothing could get out – even the products marketed specifically for that purpose. After two washes with this shampoo over a period of two weeks the staining has actually disappeared. It didn’t happen during the bath – the shampoo seemed to eat away at the stain after she’d been washed with it so the results were obvious an hour or so later.  Fantastic!”

“Just a follow up on Jazmin to say how brilliantly she is going. There have been substantial improvements.  Her coat is regaining its beautiful chestnut colour.  Her appetite is amazing. She is eating things I have tried to get her to eat for over 5 yrs and have been unsuccessful, e.g. bones. If it wasn’t chicken or pork she wouldn’t eat it. Now she is eating RAW bones, it’s fabulous. She is eating her dinner better, she’s nowhere near as picky or fussy. Her food at the moment is 50/50 raw and steamed and I haven’t had a problem at all. Shock, horror. Still a little ways to go with that but we’re getting there. Her agility is 100%. She jumps up the back stairs 2 at a time. Her last improvement is her eyes. I wasn’t sure before if she was starting to get a film over her eyes. From the corner of her eyes there seemed to be skin extending over the eyeball slightly, but I noticed the other week that had receeded, so apparently this was a condition beginning. I’ve also noticed that the sleep (for a better word for it) that she was producing before has gone.  C.J Australia

“Just a quick note to let you know that (our bull terrier that had the skin condition) is doing extremely well. Her skin is normal and she hardly scratches at all, well no more than any other dog!!  We have continued with the home prepared foods and preservative free fresh meat. She seems to have more energy than before and we are still using the Greenpet herbal shampoo with good results.  Would you please send us another container of the food supplement as soon as possible. Thanks.”   S.C

“Really love using DerMagic Peppermint & Tea Tree Conditoner on my big dogs after they come home from the beach. I don’t shampoo first – just rinse the sand off and then apply a big squirt of this conditioner …their coats dry silky soft and smelling fresh and stay this way for a week or two.”

“Thanks for a great product, this Complete mix food is so convenient and all my dogs eat it. They lick their bowls clean each night. I have also noticed that my kelpie X does not have problems with constipation like she has in the past. I will not be going back to dry food every again!”

I just had to let you know how effective the Hot Spot salve has been. As you know our gorgeous golden retriever Raff suffers from the odd hot spot generally at the same time every year. It doesn’t matter if he’s been clipped or not one or two will rear their ugly head usually under his cheeks. Most dogs clear up within approx 10 days, however Raff’s can last for 8 to 12 weeks and drives us all crazy. When I came to you Raff had been on 4 weeks of antibiotics and steroids, various topical ointments all of which left a decent hole in my bank account. I came to you because the vet wanted to start blood tests etc etc. I didn’t want the blood tests because I knew he was healthy, he has a good diet, exercises every day and looks healthy! The Dermagic Hot Spot Salve worked so well I still can’t believe it. Whithin 24 hours his hot spots went from looking red and angry to pale and dry. In 7 years this is the first ointment to work and I can’t thank you enough. In future I will consult with you first and will recommend you to everyone, very happy.

“Just a note to let you know how well our Staffordshire Terrier is doing after using your products. Barney had an arthritic limp for months and injections and light exercise were doing little to relieve his pain and he was in fact deteriorating.
At just over two years of age, we were concerned for his future as he had previously enjoyed a very active life and was involved in obedience and other activities. After putting him on your remedies and supplement and following your advice on dietary changes, we are pleased to say he has improved 100%. It has been several months now and he no longer needs the drops but we have continued with the Greenpet essentials and his new healthy diet.

He shows no signs of pain or a limp and is back to being able to walk several kilometers in a day again and all his other usual activities. Other health improvements have included a shinier coat with less skin irritations, more energy (just what every staffy owner needs!), and better digestion. Thank you for your advice and products – they were greatly appreciated by us and Barney”.
S.W & J.K Qld, Australia

“I have wanted to let you know about the improvement in Tara for a few weeks now. Even a few days after starting the treatment, she started to improve. The blackened skin areas and itch improved consistently over about a month, but she then developed a weeping sore near there. That took a couple of months to go, but now her skin and fur is beautiful. Her itches are all gone. Another benefit is her improved mood. She is less snappy, and less tired. She is more playful and keen to get out and has more stamina and endurance. Her feet seem less sore too. All up you seem to have cured an intractable condition with ease, and from long distance. I am really happy with how she has done. Also she really enjoys her tucker. The fresh vegies juiced and mixed with the pulp and supplement are enjoyed. She does not seem to be having trouble with constipation due to the fresh meat and bones, and she enjoys fresh fruit and oats, and is generally a lot more satisfied. Her teeth look great too”.
J.C Tennant Creek, NT

“We contacted you after reading your article on ‘Flower remedies’ in an issue of ‘Living Now’. You made a Flower remedy up for our totally STRESSED OUT 4 year old Blue Heeler Chloe. We are now writing to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a difference it has made. Chloe can now do things that she has never been able to do and she is so much happier- needless to say and so are we. Once again we are delighted to express our gratitude, thank you!!”.
A.B Moss Vale, NSW

“I am writing to let you know how effective that herbal formula is that you sent for Jamie. He gets one dropperful twice a day when we’re going to agility or flyball, and although he’s still bouncy, he pays more attention to me AND can now do some of the exercises off lead without running off !!”
J.W S/Coast, QLD

“I would just like to let you know how well my dog is doing since starting on your supplement, she was a very on and off eater, she is fed natural food, no dry dog food and eats all of her food raw, including vegetables. I put the Essentials in with her vegetable mix and she does not miss one meal now, she is a working dog, doing walking twice a day, backpacking in which she has achieved her Qld title, she also goes gig racing in the winter and this season starts weight pull, she also swims on a regular basis, so she needs to be fit and in good health. She is checked by a dog chiropractor on a regular basis and our last visit he commented, that she is in the best condition he has ever seen her and asked had I changed anything, and I told him the only thing different was I stopped the Missing Link and had been giving her your Essentials product and he has recommended keeping her on it especially with the winter coming up when she is the most active. I am happy for you to use my letter as a testimonial to your Greenpet essentials supplement”.
G.H Broadbeach, QLD

“Thank you for the prompt service with regard to Murnies treatment, she is responding and appears pain free and comfortable. Her sores have dried and appear to be healing. I am confident she will continue to improve. Thank you once again”.
G .B Burnett downs, QLD

“I have 2 small dogs with atopy – inhaled allergens, one dog seriously affected and the other dog mildly affected. Both dogs scratch and chew their feet and one dog will do so until she bleeds. We had thousands of dollars in vet bills and ended up seeing a canine dermatologist allergist and had allergy testing to identify the cause of my dogs’ skin issues. Unfortunately I had purchased two dogs of same bloodline before I found out the older dog had inherited genetically such serious atopy. I tried various treatments, the chemical shampoos from vet, allergy injections custom made for my dogs specific allergies in the USA, various medications , nothing was working. Close to considering euthanasia I heard about ‘Dermagic Products’ for dogs and having tried everything else I thought I’ve got nothing to lose so I tried it. I use the shampoo and conditioner and found a dramatic improvement in my dogs’ itchy skin. One dogs’ constant little sores and smelly fungal skin disappeared 95% over a few months and the other dog does not continue to scratch and chew her feet as long as I continue these baths with this shampoo around every 10 days. As both dogs have atopy – an inhaled allergy issue their condition will never completely disappear but these products do work and after trying all the vet treatments this is worth a go. I also use Greenpet Homeopathy allergy drops and canine detox drops.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I am really impressed by the results of your Greenpet Essentials Supplement, my dogs have been on it for about a month now, and people keep commenting on their shiny coats asking me what I wash them with. I haven’t changed shampoos and find they don’t need washing as often as they used to. Their improved health seems to show externally as well”.
N.L Seaford, VIC

“I have a rescued Japanese Spitz from a puppy farm who for the first 3 years of his life had nothing but trauma. He had never been socialized and was terrified of people, thunder, fire works and pretty much anything that made a sound. Tucka would go into a total shut down and NOTHING would bring him out of it, not only that but it would take hours, sometimes days to get him calm again, and yet he would still be on high alert. Then after many attempts with other products and lots of money later I discovered Greenpet’s Nerve Tonic 2 months ago. It was instant!!!! Tucka is like a new dog! He is calm, happy, he barks with joy when it’s dinner time, he still gets a bit scared when there is a sudden noise but he listens to my voice and then calms down. Thanks so much Greenpet.”

“Have tried other products with no real results. However Petzlife Oral care Gel really works. My 3 dogs have at least 50% less plaque on their teeth after 1 month. Much better alternative than expensive dental cleaning at vets. Will continue to use this product.”